Nursing 211

N211: Health Differences Across the Lifespan I

21. Which statement is true regarding a benign tumor? a. Benign tumors tend to metastasize to adjacent structures. b. The morphology tumor cells are totally different form original cells. c. Benign tumors are encapsulated and grow by expansion. d. Benign tumors cause generalized systemic effects 22. Cancer of the pancreas would most likely cause which symptom? a. severe weight loss b. subnormal body temperature c. peripheral cyanosis d. constipation 23. Which of the following is most closely associated with pyloric stenosis? a. poor sucking reflex b. upper abdominal distention c. black, tarry stools d. bile-stained emesis 24. Patients who are taking corticosteroids should be taught to promptly report which finding? a. mood swings b. development of increased body hair c. signs of infection d. alterations in body fat distribution

25. Which symptom is a patient diagnosed with mild peripheral vascular disease most likely to experience? a. decreased pedal pulses b. cool extremities c. cyanosis of the extremities d. leg cramps with exercise 26. Which statement indicates that your teaching has been effective in helping a patient with congestive heart to increase his endurance? a. I take two sublingual nitroglycerin tablets 30 minutes before exercising. b. I get all my errands done at one time so I can have a longer period or uninterrupted rest late in the day. c. I have asked my son to run all my errands for me. d. I use pursed lip breathing during exercise. 27. A patient who is being discharged to home with a prescription for sublingual nitroglycerin should be given what instruction? a. keep the medication in a dark, closed container. b. Discard the remaining tablets every 3 months. c. Discard the tablets if they sting the tongue when administered. d. A blood test must be done every four weeks to assure adequate serum levels.


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