Nursing 211

N211: Health Differences Across the Lifespan I

42. Which individual is most at risk for esophageal cancer? a. Female who took birth control pills for five years. b. A male living in an industrial area. c. Female who works in the X-ray department of a hospital d. Male who has lived on a farm all his life and always drinks well water. 43. Which question best assesses the patients risk of colon cancer? a. Do you take laxatives more than three times per week? b. Do you eat red meat more than twice a week? c. Do you eat in restaurants more than one time per week? d. Do you eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily? 44. Your assessment of a 3-year-old child being treated for Laryngotracheobronchitis shows slight substernal retractions, temperature 102°F, heart rate of 120 beats/minute, and a respiratory rate of 32 breaths/minute. The most appropriate nursing action would be to: a. report your findings to the physician immediately b. record your findings in the patient’s chart c. begin oxygen administration at 2L per minute d. reassess the child in one hour

45. Which of the following is a symptom of uterine cancer? a. premenopausal bleeding b. thick, yellow vaginal discharge c. postmenopausal bleeding d. unexplained weight gain 46. The most common symptom of kidney cancer is: a. intermittent mild pain b. sudden, painless hematuria c. hypotension d. painful mass in the lower abdomen 47. Women should perform a self-breast exam: a. on the first day of menses b. on the last day of menses c. every day with a warm shower d. just prior to menses 48. Men should perform a testicular self- examination. a. daily, at bedtime b. daily, upon arising c. monthly, just after a warm bath d. monthly, just after having intercourse 49. Which finding in the health history would you most likely want to discuss further with a patient who has just been diagnosed as having mild peripheral vascular disease? a. walks up 3 flights of stairs daily b. works as a typist c. plays golf using a cart 3/week d. sleeps in a waterbed


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