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N211: Health Differences Across the Lifespan I

57. Discharge instructions for patient with pernicious anemia should include which information? a. continue taking B12 shots b. avoid meat, clams, oysters, prune juice c. when iron levels have returned to normal, no further treatment is necessary d. continue taking iron supplements 58. A shrill, harsh sound heard during inspiration would be called: a. stertor b. stridor c. gurgle d. wheeze 59. Which finding would be most indicative of respiratory distress in a newborn? a. respiratory rate of 40 breaths per minute b. abdomen rises and falls with each breath c. expiratory grunting d. diaphragmatic respirations 60. Which intervention would be appropriate for an infant in an isolette undergoing phototherapy? a. reposition frequently b. cover with plenty of blankets to maintain warmth c. do not disturb, even for feedings d. maintain a side lying position at all times

61. Discharge instructions most appropriate for a patient who has just had a basal cell carcinoma removed should include: a. wear long sleeve shirts when out in the sun b. avoid the sun in the late afternoon c. wear a sunscreen that blocks UV rays from the skin d. avoid the use of perfumed lotions and creams of any kind. 62. Your patient is being given oral aminophylline. Which finding would most likely be a symptom of toxicity? a. bradycardia and oliguria b. lethargy and pallor c. cyanosis and constipation d. tachycardia and restlessness 63. Pneumocystis carini is usually associated with which disorder? a. HIV infection b. adult respiratory distress syndrome c. hepatitis B d. tuberculosis 64. The most important nursing intervention when caring for a patient who’s receiving an intravenous Nitroprusside sodium (Nipride) for severe hypertension would be to: a. monitor arterial blood gases b. compare serial blood pressure readings c. compare blood pressure one arm with the other arm d. monitor urinary output


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