Nursing 211

N211: Health Differences Across the Lifespan I

Final Review 1.

Which assessment findings are manifestations of acute leukemia? 2. Which expected outcome is most appropriate for the nurse to include in the home care plan for a patient with a new colostomy? The patient will ______________? 3. A patient with a malignant melanoma asks the nurse the purpose of taking interleukin 2. Which explanation should the nurse provide? 4. Which information in a patient’s health history indicates that the patient is at risk for cervical cancer? 5. Which food should the nurse encourage to decrease a patient’s risk of developing colorectal cancer? 6. Which intervention is most appropriate to increase intake in a patient with cancer who is experiencing anorexia? The nurse instructs the patient to 7. The nurse administering vincristine (Oncovin) to a patient with head and neck cancer should monitor the patient for which possible effects? 8. A toddler with a neuroblastoma has completed a course of chemotherapy and is being cared for at home. Which sign should the community health nurse instruct the parents to report immediately? 9. Which pathophysiology underlies the vomiting associated with pyloric stenosis? 10. At 2AM a 60-year-old patient who is receiving intracavity radiation therapy for uterine cancer calls the nurse and says the implant has fallen out of place and is in the bed. Which is the appropriate initial nursing intervention?


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