Nursing 211

N211: Health Differences Across the Lifespan I

40. The primary difference between the pain of angina and the pain of a myocardial infarction is: a. Intensity b. Duration c. Quality d. Location 41. A patient that has just been admitted to the coronary care unit following a mild myocardial infarction is very anxious. Which of the following is of primary importance to reduce his anxiety? a. Anxiety will keep him from resting and rest is required for healing. b. Serum enzyme levels will stay elevated as long as his anxiety level is up. c. Hormones released related to anxiety increase oxygen demand. d. If anxiety is unrelieved rapidly, psychotropic medications will have to be given and that type medication can interfere with cardiogenic medications. 42. Patients taking diuretics should be encouraged to increase their intake of: a. Protein b. Milk and eggs c. Green and yellow vegetables d. Citrus fruits and juices

43. The main side effect of potassium sparing diuretics is a. Hypokalemia b. Hyperkalemia c. Hypercalcemia d. Hypoglycemia 44. Potassium sparing diuretics interfere with the sodium-potassium pump that is controlled by the mineralocorticoid hormone” a. Testosterone b. Aldosterone c. Progesterone d. Aldactone

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