Humanities (Abridged)

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Chapter 1 Review Questions 1.

2. Which of the following is an example of an internal conflict? a. Themain character cannot get to work because of the stormy weather. b. The main character must learn to overcome his fear of spiders. c. The main character realizes that his actions towards others makes him a bully. d. The main character has an argument with her friend because they do not agree on which activity they should do together. e. Both B and C 3. Which of the following humanities is defined as the way the human body forms around space? a. architecture b. dance c. paintings d. sculptures e. music 4. How would an architect design a centered space? a. The architect designs the space for comfort and enjoyment. b. The architect creates the space to be functional and serve a purpose. c. The architect focuses the space around one object. d. The architect designs the space to be beautiful, so that people want to look at it. e. The building itself is designed to the center of life and everything bustles around its doors.

What is the difference between a low relief structure and a high relief structure? a. In low relief sculptures, the inwards depth is minimal, whereas in high relief sculptures, the art has been carved into the material and some remains connected to the source. b. Low relief sculptures are lower to the ground, where high relief sculptures are often found in higher places. c. In low relief sculptures, the sculptor carves into the material, but in high relief sculptures, the sculptor uses materials that are found in the environment. d. Low relief sculptures are designed with a specific purpose, while high relief sculptures are built to invoke emotions in the viewers. e. There is no difference between the two types of sculptures.

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