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• Audience contact is creating a sense of looking listeners in the eye when speaking to a large audience. • Facial expressions are eye and mouth movements that convey emotions. • Public speaking apprehension is the level of fear one experiences when anticipating or actually speaking to an audience. • Communication orientation motivation methods are designed to reduce anxiety by helping the speaker adopt a communication, rather than a performance orientation, toward the speech. • Performance orientation is viewing public speaking as a situation demanding special delivery techniques to impress an audience. • Communication orientation is viewing a speech as just an opportunity to talk with a number of people about an important topic. • Visualization is a method that reduces apprehension by helping speakers develop a mental picture of themselves giving a masterful speech. • Relaxation exercises are breathing techniques and progressive muscle relation exercises that help reduce anxiety. • Systematic desensitization is a method that reduces apprehension by gradually having people visualize and perform increasingly more frightening events while remaining in a relaxed state. • Cognitive restructuring is a process designed to help the speaker systematically change intrapersonal communication about public speaking.


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