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5. Which of the following is not classified as a medium? a. Oils b. Tempura c. Fresco d. Acrylic e. Waterpaints 6. Which sonic device in poetry uses a stream of words that all start with the same first phoneme? a. alliteration b. assonance c. cacophony d. homonym e. onomatopoeia 7. Which of the following refers to the third-person omniscient point of view? a. The author tells the story through an outsider’s perspective. b. The story is told from an outsider’s perspective and the narrator knows one character’s thoughts and feelings in the story. c. The story is told from an outsider’s perspective and the narrator knows what every character is thinking in the plot. d. The author talks directly to the reader and uses words like “you”.

8. Which of the following is correctly paired? a. Melody: how high or low a sound is b. Pitch: series of notes the audience hears c. rhythm: beat or combination of accents and duration d. scale: how fast or slow the music is played e. tempo: predetermined sequence of notes 9. Which medium did Cimabue use in painting Madonna and Child Enthroned with Angels ? a. acrylic b. fresco c. oil d. tempura e. watercolor 10. When you are examining a painting’s contrast of details, colors, shapes, and regions, what composition principle are you evaluating? a. balance b. gradation c. proportion d. unity e. variety

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